My Journey to Natural Medicine

At about the age of 5 my mother said I drew this picture and she wrote down what I told her at the bottom.

I was born and raised in Bismarck.  Graduated Bismarck High School in 1992 and went off to study biology at the University of North Dakota.  While at UND I visited the student health clinic several times for minor sniffles and sneezes.

Every time I walked out of there it seemed I was offered an antibiotic and birth control!  I became disillusioned with “health care.”  In my simple mind I became worried that I would be bored if all I had to offer people were

antibiotics.  I realize that this is a simplistic view of medicine, but hey I was 20 years old!     During my senior year my sister took me to see a chiropractor who did kinesiology.  I was fascinated by his knowledge of my body by just pressing on my arm, but I knew I was not meant to be a chiropractor.  After completing my biology pre-health degree I moved out to Oregon to be near my junior high sweetheart Aaron.  I worked at a ski area and learned to snowboard, but the desire to help others didn’t go away.

I turned to prayer and asked God to give me a sign of how he wanted to use me.  The sign came one year later while back in Bismarck for a friends’ wedding.  I wanted to go for a walk by the river but my car ended up at the library.  I walked inside, went down a row of books and grabbed one off the shelf.  I opened it and read a one paragraph description of homeopathy looked up and said “You’re close!”  Then turned the page and it was a one paragraph description of the principles of natural medicine.  I closed the book and my heart just soared!  Finally, a medicine I could believe in!!

I attended Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington graduating in the fall of 2003 with a License in Massage Therapy, a Master of Acupuncture, and a Doctorate in Natural Medicine.  I joined Dakota Natural Health Center in February of 2004 and worked there until December of 2017.  January 1st 2018 I moved to my current location and started Evergreen Natural Health Clinic.

I am happily married to my sweetheart Aaron and have 2 sons Elias and Aksel.  Our boys are both in hockey so we are on the go.  In my spare time I enjoy walking my dog Ridge, snowboarding, waterskiing, shooting sporting clays, and laughing with family and friends.

I love my job and feel so blessed.  My mission is to restore clients to optimal health and to have a great time along the way!


A naturopathic Doctor (ND) attends a four-year medical school and is educated in all of the same basic and clinical sciences as a medical doctor.  ND's also study holistic nontoxic approaches to therapy with a strong emphasis on disease prevention and optimizing wellness.  The philosophy of a naturopathic school is to use the most natural remedies possible to help the body heal itself.

In addition to a standard medical curriculum, ND's are required to complete additional training in clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, and counseling.  ND's take rigorous professional basic science and clinical board exams so that he or she may be licensed by a state as a primary care general practice physician.  There are 21 states and the District of Columbia that license naturopathic doctors to practice medicine.


In North Dakota naturopaths are licensed but not allowed to practice the full scope of their medicine.

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