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What's New?

TheraLight 360!


Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMT) is the application of Red and Near Infrared light to tissue that is injured, sick or regenerating to increase circulation, increase cellular energy production, reduce inflammation and reduce Oxidative Stress. These lead to increased rate and quality of tissue repair, improved muscle performance and recovery and reduced pain. PBMT is safe, relaxing and has no known negative side effects.

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Aspen Class IV Laser

Laser therapy is providing a breakthrough in sports medicine by reducing recovery time  and improving performance.

High intensity laser therapy (HILT) is a drug-free, non-invasive treatment for pain relief that utilizes the most advanced medical technology available today. Aspen Laser’s HILT devices deliver light energy right to the body’s cells, aggressively treating pain and inflammation at the source. HILT relieves pain, reduces inflammation, and accelerates tissue repair cell growth, so you can get back on track to doing what you love.


We are a Naturopathic Medicine Clinic that blends modern science with traditional natural therapies to restore optimal health.  We use minimally invasive methods to treat disease imbalances at their root.  Specializations include NAET, AAT, and Acupuncture. 

New Products!

Evergreen  Natural Health Clinic is pleased to announce that we have teamed up with to offer our clients the safest skincare products avaialable!!  Not only do we want to help you feel good, but we can help keep you looking your best too!

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Deodorant That Isn't A Chemistry Experiment!!
Evergreen Natural Health Clinic offers a 100% all natural deodorant called Native Deodorant.  Native Deodorant fights odors and wetness, and is made without aluminum.  Native Deodorant is made with ingredients you can pronounce, and is made without parabens. Plus it's made right here in the USA and is never tested on animals. Come check it out today!