What to expect on a first visit?

Your first visit consists of an extensive intake covering your main concerns, medical history, lifestyle, and other factors.  Dr. Faye uses kinesiology (muscle testing) to assess the bodies’ needs and create a comprehensive treatment plan.  This visit will take 1 hour.

Follow-up visits

Your health is a dynamic process and changes rapidly once given the correct nutritional building blocks. Follow-up visits are made every 8-12 weeks until the client is content with their level of optimal health.  These visits are ½ hour and consist of a re-evaluation of the body through kinesiology.  NAET and AAT allergy treatments are also 1/2 hour.

Is Insurance accepted?

We do not bill to insurance, although some Health Savings Accounts may cover acupuncture services and supplement purchases.

We Accept Cash, Check, and Credit Cards.


A Licensed Acupuncturist has an undergraduate degree and attends a three year program to receive a master of acupuncture.  Acupuncture is licensed in 48 states, North Dakota most recently during the 2016 legislative session.